Dental Medicine: Invisible brace and high quality implants

THE invisible braces

The invisible brace is the alternative to fixed bracing corrections. Many of my clients want nice and straight teeth, but do not want to be annoyed by fixed braces in their mouth. Some are also afraid of the unpleasant side effects of braces, as such. But now, beautiful and straight teeth do not have to remain a dream. With them, my clients achieve wonderful results with personal custom made aligners. The advantages are obvious: comfortable, transparent and removable. The invisible brace ensures a smile with barely any restrictions in daily life. Suitable for many tooth misalignments.
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High quality Implants

As specialist in the field of natural-looking implants, I would be pleased to advise you in finding the best solution that fits your needs. I will accompany you through the entire treatment process: from decision-making to your satisfied smile. I will personally perform the procedure of placing your implant by applying my many years of surgical experience. High-quality materials are particularly important for uncomplicated healing and treatment success. Therefore, in our practice we exclusively use the high quality implants, "Made in Switzerland".
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